Lend Your Dresses

It’s a great way to make money, save closet space and save the environment! Dressed Charlotte's mission is to help women save money renting dresses and make money on dresses they’ve already bought. We are always looking for new inventory!  Lenders receive unlimited commission potential, freeing up space in their closets for just their everyday clothing. And unlike consignment, lenders can have their dresses back any time.
Ready to make cash on your closet?
What are the requirements for dresses that I can lend? 
We take dresses of all sizes.  They must be cocktail dresses or formal gowns.  We take some casual dresses from high-end designers if they can be worn for a special event (i.e. bridal shower, beach wedding).  Dresses must be in excellent condition (no tears or damage) and recently cleaned with no stains, (dry cleaning preferred). Dresses we take have been typically purchased in the last five years or are of a vintage style that is currently on trend. We do not take bridesmaid dresses or dresses from fast fashion (i.e. Target, Wal-Mart, Express, H&M). 
What is the commission? How is it paid?
Every time a dress is rented, the lender is paid 10% of the rental price. Commission is paid via PayPal or Venmo depending on the lender’s preference.  Commission is paid upon successful return of the rental by the renter.  Should a lender rent a dress themselves within 90 days of receiving a commission, they will receive a 10% discount on their dress rental.
Can I have my dresses back? 
We review our inventory every 90 days to return dresses that are not actively being rented.  You can have your dresses back at any time, assuming there are no outstanding rentals on them so as to not cancel a reservation. We ask that you provide at least 7 days’ notice for any dresses to be returned.  They can be picked up at our studio.  We also offer the option for us to sell your dresses you no longer want returned at a 50/50 split on the sales price between the lender and Dressed.
How are my dresses marketed to renters?
Dresses are made available for rent immediately and are seen by all renters who make an appointment.  Within 30 days of being taken into inventory, dresses are also marketed our website for renters to see in advance of visiting the studio. We encourage all lenders to share our website to increase the number of potential renters.
How do I show the dresses I want to lend? 
Schedule an appointment to stop by our studio and bring your dresses for review. If in doubt, bring the dress and we’ll let you know if it fits our criteria.
Do you buy dresses? Do you take other clothing? 
At this time, we do not buy dresses.  We do take donations of dresses if you are not interested in the commissions and want to help us grow our mission! Currently, we take dresses, purses and jewelry only.
What happens if one of my dresses is damaged? 
Should a minor issue occur such as a stain or fixable tear, we take care of all the expenses related to those repairs or cleaning.  Should a dress be damaged to the point it can no longer be worn again, we provide the owner a “non-return fee” that equals to the amount of the dress rental price.  Semi-formal/cocktail dresses typically are nor more than $39 and formal/black-tie dresses are no more than $49.  While our renters are responsible (most of them being lenders themselves), we cannot guarantee that a dress might not have an accident. We recommend that if there is a dress that you are particularly sentimental about, to consider if $39-$49 would feel appropriate to pay for it. This fee takes into account that the dresses depreciate significantly once worn. We also accounted for what someone likely would receive if they were to consign instead (which is much lower return).
Don't see your question answered here? Email us at info@dressedclt.com.