Boob-eez Stick On Bra

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Problem: So you've got a hot date this weekend and you know exactly what you're going to wear-- a killer dress that dips in all of the right places. But what's not so hot? Your bra ruining the look.

Our ultralight, backless and strapless stick-on bra that'll keep you covered where you need it and uncovered where you don't. Ideal for the freedom of moderate coverage and light structure without binding, bulky straps, underwire and metal clasps.


  •  Backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.
  • Thin, light cups offer just enough coverage and a natural shape under tank tops, strapless dresses and fitted tees.
  • Available in sizes: A, B, C, and D.

    PLEASE NOTE: This item is considered an undergarment and because of health regulations is non-refundable if opened.